Friday, 25 March 2016

Today's Investments is Tomorrow's Results

Sunday 20th March seen the team get together for another group training ride this time hosted by the Lightfoot's who took us around the roads of the famous Cicle Classic through the village of Owston and onto the first part of the ride a hilly 35miles that seen us challenging the riders over some technical terrain around Launde Abbey before a nice cafe stop at Wymondon Windmill.
Our rides are based around the old skool values Mike and I learnt from our early riding days, solid group rides, great camaraderie, a cafe stop for rider bonding and throw in some technical skills that will serve our riders well in their future years. It was great to see the bond starting to form as they laughed and joked together at the stop a real pleasurable sight to behold.
Part 2 was briefed in by Mike at the cafe and would see the rider practising their sprint and jump (Mikes secretive tips worked) riders who thought they could not sprint really surprised themselves and took loads of confidence away from this, I think it was harder on a Mike, Jim and I trying to keep up with them all.  Afterwards all the riders practised a thru and off session the skill and speed was amazing after an already hard ride finally two teams practised a lead out for our chosen riders Callum and Lotta, each team well balanced and having to get to the finishing point as a complete unit. A total of 55 miles with some excellent skills thrown in was completed and a few weary riders returned to the Lightfoots for well deserved refreshments.
Riders whilst you felt weary and drained (most raced at MK bowl the day before as well) remember it's not about how you feel right now it's about the positive training investment you have put in that will be results rewarded in the months to come.
Onwards to the next session time trial training on Easter Monday
Geoff and Mike

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