Thursday, 10 March 2016

Daring to be Different

Training is all about having fun and not making it feel like training, the evenings are still dark and we have been working on getting the riders together using alternative methods and have looked to modern technology to connect our team in a mid week session
So tonight seen us run our 4th virtual quality roller session by connecting riders up using oovoo, for a full 50 minutes they were practising race skills with our intense interval session, short hard efforts max rev out each time a great way to increase leg speed which is a core requirement to have in your armoury in any youth race.
Six riders in total connected and a great session was run by our coaches, hope you enjoyed it, Finn, Jack, Josh, Ed, Callum, Harry looking forward to next week. What a great way to spend a dark dull evening from the warmth of your own home.
Get it done and showered within an hour.....

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